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Angus MacGyver
Biographical Information
Nickname: Mac
Born: March 23rd (1992 or later)
Originally From: Mission City, CA
Current Location: Los Angeles
Wife: Desiree Nguyen (Girlfriend)
Interests: chemistry

Science Finding a cure for cancer

Parents: James MacGyver (deceased)

Ellen Hayes (deceased)

Family: James MacGyver (deceased)

Ellen Hayes (deceased)

Children: N/A
Affiliations: Phoenix Foundation
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 5 Seasons
Character Information
First appearance: The Rising
Portrayed by: Lucas Till

Angus "Mac" MacGyver is the protagonist character in the 2016 reboot of MacGyver.


Early Life

MacGyver's mom died when Mac was 5. His dad left when he was 12.



Blond hair, blue eyes and a bright smile. He's physically fit and sure doesn't look like the first image that pops up in your mind when you think of the word nerd.


*Scar from a GSW on his left pectoral after he was shot by John Kendric in The Rising.


  • "Yeah... Not the best idea, but right now we NEED a distraction."
  • Jack: "No one, I mean no one, likes a barfight better than me. But you just blew up half the bar with us in it!"
    Mac: "I had no choice!"
    Jack: "You're gonna kill us before Marco does!"
  • Riley: "What exactly do you do, Mr. MacGyver?"
    Mac: "You know how you hack computers? Well, I hack everything else." *uncuffs Riley with the help of a paperclip*


  • In 01x12 Screwdriver we learn that Nikki's code is Mac's birthday. The code is 0323, which means his birthday is March 23rd. In 01x04 Wire Cutter, we learn that KGB was disbanded before Mac was even born. (KGB was disbanded November 6th 1991 [de facto] or December 3rd 1991 [de jure]) Which means Mac's birthday can be March 23rd 1992 (or later).